Canadian Foundation For Development and Empowerment
Canadian foundation for development & Empowerment  has been operating since September 1998, CFDE  supports informal and formal child education. Support is given by:
Recruiting, training and supporting volunteers to assist organisations and people in need.
Providing information and resources to needy schools
Training and supporting organisations which involve in child development
Promoting the value of voluntary work
Supporting and training Volunteer Managers/Coordinators
Advocating for volunteers and voluntary organisations. 

 To uphold the rights and responsibilities of children
 To develop children, educate them , and support them to assist their communities, charitable organisations, and people in need.
 To provide and promote information and resources on child development
 To provide training and support for organisations which involve children
 To increase awareness of the value of chid development, which is part of a wider definition of work
To promote cross cultural understanding where the unique role of tangata whenua is recognised
 To operate efficiently and effectively as a model for other developmental organisations.
  1. Nicole Caesar
  2. Veronica Campbell
    Board Member
  3. Monique McNeil
    Corresponding Secretary
  4. Monica Addo
    Vice President
  5. Kwaku Addo-Ray